Racing Team

Roots and Fundaments…

The roots of the Hungarian alpine racing ski sport are in the Northern Hungarian Mountains. Also the Hungarian races were crowded back in the second half of the 20th century because home slopes hoisted the events. The ski centers in Mt. Bukk, Bankut, Lillafured and Bukkszentkereszt were scenes of bustling sporting life. "Rrrrrrracers to start!!!!! - Uncle Dodo's paternal cry was resounded by the giant beech trees. Or, "Don't ski in the course!" - Uncle Toncsi, the meticulous father of ski races bursting out in a rage of popular education. The region of Mt. Bukk is the home of a number of traditional ski families leading a sporting life style. A lot of talented youngsters have cropped up on the slopes of Bankut ski resort, lying 900 m above see level, but most of them could not advance to the international level. In the wake of the restructuring during the past decades, the largest Hungarian ski teams are based in the Alps, consequently most of the Hungarian races are organized there. Talented kids from Miskolc and the surroundings are excluded from these events for objective reasons. This goes against the selection of talents from wider circles and the general interests of Hungarian skiing. There must be another way, which builds upon the local and nearby facilities, the splendid traditions and talent care. We believe in these principles and therefore we have founded the BSC-RT team with suitable members in the 2004/05 ski season.


Acquiring the technique of quality racing skiing at the highest possible level by an enjoyable and analytical training work.
Development of technique based on multifold experience, acquired knowledge, motion analytical and mechanical principles ( Improvement by every turn.
Inspiring crowds for quality skiing and the higher level of sporting experience thus attainable, as well for a healthy and sporty life style.
Recognized participation at Hungarian, Slovakian and international races.

Methods and facilities…

It may seem strange nowadays but there are no traces of any commercial thinking in the activities of the team. Every BSC-RT member only finances his or her personal or common expenses which arise from the particular program. The work of the coach is voluntary, it is not remunerated. The team does not require any membership fee. At the same time, The Bankut Ski Club supports the local training and racing activities with its on facilities. Moreover, our training and racing courses are open to the public. We offer professional advice free. The technique of our racers and the jovial atmosphere can be transferred to anyone interested.If Bankut happens not to be suitable, we have trainings on set courses or free in Slovakia, on less popular but excellent ski slopes. All this allows costs to be kept to a minimum. We have training sessions in cooperation with friendly Slovak teams. We are regular participants at Slovak races, at the Hungarian Championships and some Hungarian Cup races regularly organized in Austria. Our best racers can participate at international FIS races as members of the Hungarian National Team. After the racing season we have enjoyable trainings - often enriched by extreme and free-style elements or even snowboarding - in Slovakia (Chopok, Certovica, Lomnic) as long as snow is available (usually until May). Summer and Autumn training camps are organized on Austrian glaciers. As auxiliary sports, we are windsurfing in the Nyek lake district near Miskolc, or play tennis at the Sports Facilities of the University of Miskolc. The alternative technique of grass ski (Rollka) and in-line skate are also applied at the Nyek Hills, near the lakes, or for a greater challenge, in Bankut. The grass ski is an excellent tool of physical and technical development. In order to advance the basic abilities and the skiing movements deliberately, special dry-land trainings are held at the Malyi Sports Field. Besides, we often drive - or push - our bicycles - or even unicycles - up the impossible looking slopes of Mt. Bukk in order to provoke skiing sensations by free style or GS downhill rides afterwards. For intensive practicing on snow or grass, we have racing and training poles, special machine drills, radio timing equipment, mobile ski lift, as well as the facilities in the Bankut Ski Resort, which can be utilized for enhancing the advantages arising from the home slope and the nearby Slovakian facilities. In order to improve the moves, digital photography and video recording is applied with direct assessment during the trainings.


The team burst into the first ranks of the Hungarian ski racing with its racers in the children categories in a year after its conception. As soon as the National Championships for children in 2006 the Bankut "bancute" kids won gold, silver and bronze medals. The legendary captain of the Hungarian Ski Association described it then by the Latin saying "Veni, Vidi Vici". We could not have expected any greater appreciation. Following this, our most successful racer (Marton Kekesi - "BodeMarci") has kept winning one ore more gold medals at the Hungarian National Championships in the children category. Other racers of the team could also achieve valuable medals. For two years in 2009-2010, the BSC-RT could win all the gold medals of the Hungarian National Championships for teams in the children-II boys category. Beside all this, our national representative racer could get into the first 15 ranking at the Trofeo Topolino FIS race in Italy - commonly referred to as the "world cup for children". At other FIS races he could also rank among the first ten, usually with less than 10% time difference behind the winner, and he could get on the podium at Slovak Cup races. In addition to him, another of our talented racers (Zalan Zelena) could get the opportunity in the National Team and he has also achieved respectable results at the international stage often surprising other coaches and racers.


The popularity of the team, the outstanding results of our racers and the frequent public appearance in various places, as well as our goals including the inspiration of crowds, our open training methods may arouse the interest of partners envisaging perspectives also in advertising. Our activities and results directly seen by the skiing crowds and published also through the media may serve to promote the prestige and popularity of the advertised commercial products. On the other hand, relatively humble sponsoring support can significantly promote the activities, results and recognition of the self-supporting team organized in the relatively poor region of the country.